More Secure from the Ground Up

Become beguiled with our bulletproof security solution packages.

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First Tier Services

Connecting through Suro's services is a first tier experience that does not comprimise on quality.


Enhanced Encryption

Bleeding edge encryption that has been productionalized for your privacy.


Top Rated

No other mobile devices are as secure as Suro. And we are willing to prove it to you.

Suro is the Secure Solution for your Communication Needs


With privacy being a privilege can you afford to answer a call that you know is not secure? For every reason that a you can imagine a hacker just thought of two.

Braving the world in this distopian future is possible with a Suro phone.

We provide the

Best Service

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Secure Silicon Solutions

Ever wonder how secure the silicon chips in your phone are? Spoiler alert, they are not. Unless that phone is a Suro.


Seamless Mobility

No matter where you are in the world, the ability to keep your communications is at the tip of your fingers.


Critical Customize

Existing outside of the regular ecosystem can present some interesting challenges. To provide mission critical communications we can support a number of configurations.


Serious Support

Believing in a product that will ensure that your privacy is a constant, we treat support more as your own concierge to what we offer.

Rich Features on top of Friendly Software

Time and time again we see secure platforms operating in a bland UI with a feature set that lack what a typical mobile user expects. By blending the different technologies into what is the most secure experience you are receiving a curated experience.

Being able to operate a device with the least amount of mental overhead frees you to persue more worthy things.

We look forward to securing your communications.